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Original bespoke Actor Showreels
Filmed on location you will be directed to give a screen acting performance that will impress casting directors who will want you to be seen by their clients.
                 2 min Mistral Dance

Actor Showreels

If you are new to TV/Film Acting, the filming of your showreel will be directed giving you the best  direction for a screen performance.  
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Plastic Relationship
3 min female showreel
Written, directed, filmed, edited by Anthony Barnett
  1. 3 min Drama Showreel Junior Dr Reece
  2. 2 min Drama Showreel Best Friend
  3. 2 min Comedy Scene Showreel The Liibrary
  4. 3 min Poetry Showreel Goddess
  5. Video Title 5
  6. Video Title 6
Your Director/Screenwriter Anthony Barnett
will give you time and direction to create a screen performance for your showreel

Anthony Barnett

Video Production